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Should I take eye vitamins or supplements such as AREDS and AREDS2?

  1. This is such a great question, and a 'hot' topic in the macular world! If you haven't already disucssed this with your physician, it might be a good idea to do so. Asking means you're on the right track and being proactive when it comes to your eye health and that is always a big plus! Each of us has unique needs when it comes to supplementation. You can find helpful information about eye vitamins and supplements on our page here

    -Andrea, Team Member

    1. As Andrea said, you'll definitely want to ask your doctor about this, as the answer isn't the same for all types of Macular Degeneration. (My husband shouldn't consume any extra vitamin A for example, and many supplements contain high doses of vitamin A.)

      1. Great example, Rachel! High amounts of zinc are harmful to my eyes, but for most it's helpful! Knowledge is so empowering.

        -Andrea, Team Member

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