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Preventing wet AMD in second eye

I am getting my third injection in my right eye tomorrow. I have been going thru dry AMD for 3 years and have now developed wet AMD in one eye.

Is there anything that can be done to head off wet AMD in the other eye besides the vitamin enriched AREDS?

For example, Is there a preventative measure such as a systemic anti VEGF dosage?

  1. in addition to areds2 there are certain lifestyle changes that may slow the progression. This article covers those changes. You could check with your doctor about clinical trials to see if any are available near you. To my knowledge there is no systemic anti vegf treatment available for macular degeneration. Regards, Sharon Moore patient leader

    1. I asked my Retina doc the same question and he stated that there are undesired side effects that can result from systemic VEGF. However, he did point out that cancer patients on VEGF do show a lower incidence of MD.

      1. the side effects from Avastin chemo would be worse than vision loss to me. Stem cell therapy offers hope if clinical trials show it is both safe and effective. I am signed up for a podcast on stem cell therapy next week. I would love to be in the clinical trials but it probably won’t be offered near enough for me to participate. Happy thanksgiving. Sharon Moore patient leader

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