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Reversing AMD

There are several books available that talk about being able to reverse dry eye AMD when found in the early stages. Is this possible as I have been told that it is a progressive disease with no known cause or cure.

  1. AMD is a progressive disease with no cure. This is a very good article from Bright Focus that talks about dry AMD and what is on the horizon.
    Best wishes, Sharon Moore advocate

    1. Hi Sharon:
      Thank you for the information and the referral to the article by Dr. Josgua Dunaif. He states that he has seen cases where reversal has taken place in early-stage AMD and this is consistent with several other articles I have read. However, the bottom line is that there is no known cure or effective treatment at this time and we will all experience different results as this dread disease advances. However, I do feel that it is so very important to offer hope to those that are just starting the journey.

    2. hope is what keeps me going. While we wait for a treatment for dry AMD, I have made changes in my diet to support eye health. If interested, you can read about lifestyle changes that may slow the progression
      Best wishes, Sharon Moore advocate

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