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Just started injections

I’m reaching out for support here because I know you have all been through and are going through similar situations. Just over 9 months ago I had a macular bleed. Fluorescein angiogram (forget the exact name of the test that looks at the vessels to see if there is leakage) did not show leakage and the bleed resolved. The retina specialist discharged me with the diagnosis of “myopic macular degeneration”. I am 55. He said to come back if I or my regular eye doctor notice any changes. Last week
at my yearly exam, my eye doctor said the vision in that eye was two lines worse. He wanted to do laser treatment for some fibrosis I have behind the lens implant (I had cataract surgery a year and a half ago). Glad I insisted on going back to the retina guy to be sure the vision loss was not a retina problem since this morning the RS could clearly see leakage on the retina. Even without the dye study. So I had an injection of Eyela (not sure of the spelling) two hours ago.

So even though I have Myopic MD it seems it is treated like the age-related form at this point. Going to do a literature search on this. Struggling with this, since I was told this is more being that Age Related MD. Reading about it is hard and scary though. When I was initially diagnosed I had to stop reading up on it for this reason! Hoping for some reassurance from those who have been/are currently there!

  1. We're sorry we didn't get back to you sooner, but are happy to hear that you were able to receive treatment so quickly! Macular degeneration can be stressful to read about, but know you're not alone! Have you had a chance to read these articles?,, We really appreciate you being an active member of our community! How are you feeling lately? Please keep us posted! Best, Abby (Team Member)

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