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Izervay injections for dry AMD

I received 2 Izervay injections this year and my vision got very blurry. I am very upset after reading the trial about 10 % had that happen. I stopped the injection and went back to Syfovre shots which I had last year and no problems. Anybody had that happen. My vision got really bad. Thanks for any answers

  1. that sounds very worrying for you. Did your vision stay blurry all the time you were on Izervay? Was your doctor happy to switch you back to Syfovre? Wendy, Patient Leader.

    1. my vision stayed bad. Back to Syfovre
      My doc is shocked too. I am really upset that my vision got so bad

    2. it is very disappointing for you, but here's hoping Syfovre will work for you. Please let us know how you go. Wendy, Patient Leader.

  2. I am so sorry you had that happen with Izervay. I recently had my 2nd Izervay injection. So far I have had no problems. Did the blurring clear up on Syfovre? Regards, Sharon Moore patient leader

    1. My vision stayed bad
      My doc is shocked too. We went back to Syfovre since I had no problems with those shots. I am really very upset wished I never switched @sharon moore

      1. thank you for the words of caution. I appreciate you sharing your experience with us. Keep us posted with any changes. Warmly, Sharon Moore patient leader

      2. thank you for sharing this warning with us. It's the whole community that you have reminded to be very careful, so it is a very worthwhie comment. Kind regards, Wendy, Patient Leader.

    2. I had a similar incidence with a Syfovre injection. I had my second injection in February and experienced an immediate fogginess that did not subside. I returned to my retina specialist two weeks following my last injection and he could not explain my sudden loss in vision, other than my disease was advancing. My vision has gone from 20/30 to 20/70 since my last injection. I have decided to hold off on getting future injections for the time being.

      1. that must be very disappointing! I'm sorry to hear this. I think I would hold off the injections in your situation, too. Did your doctor or you discuss the other treatment, Izervay? Wendy, Patient Leader.

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