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Has Covid-19 Impacted Your Macular Degeneration Care?

Community members have commented that their visits to the retinal specialist have been cancelled or delayed due to the pandemic. How has Covid-19 impacted your macular degeneration care?

  1. I haven't had any appointments changed or cancelled, thankfully. My specialist and my optometrist take the usual precautions and spread everyone out, some patients wait outside, everyone's masked, hands sanitised, we use a government check-in app and fill in a questionnaire about where we've been lately. Wendy, Advocate.

    1. I have had no changes in any appointments during Covid. I too get injections in both eyes, 28 days apart. Where I once had to go twice every month, I am now able to get both injections on the same day. I also know those who have “dry” and no cancellations for them either. All necessary precautions are taken…temperature, sanitizing, distance, etc….I guess we have been lucky.

      1. it's great news that you can now have both of your injections on the same day. It must make life a bit easier fir you. Best wishes, Wendy, Advocate.

      2. glad to hear Covid has not impacted your eye appointments. I am sure you are glad to spread your appointments out to once a month. My sister has wet AMD in both eyes. Like you, she goes monthly. She and her retinal specialist were both amazed that she has not needed an injection the last two months. Thanks for joining the conversation, Sharon Moore Advocate

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