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What advice would you give to someone newly diagnosed with macular degeneration?

Community Answers
  • shelby-comito moderator author
    8 hours ago

    Hi @rachelseavey, thank you so much for sharing your wise, encouraging advice! I love that you touch on the fact that’s it’s okay to be afraid, but that life can still be so full. We appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and are grateful to have your voice in our community. Best, Shelby,

    p.s. We also have a Facebook page, if you’d like to check it out and connect with others there as well – I agree, Facebook can be a really helpful tool in connecting with others!

  • Rachel
    9 hours ago

    My advice is that it is okay to be scared, but take comfort in knowing that you can still live a very fulfilling life. There are very few things you can’t do, but you will just need to learn a different way to do many things.

    Reach out to others that are living with your diagnosis. This website is such a great start. There are also great YouTube channels that deal with vision loss. FaceBook is also a good resource, there are groups specifically for people with MD.

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