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Who all is getting injections for Geographic Atrophy?

Last year 2 new injectable medications, Syfovre and Izervay, were FDA approved. I started Izervay in December. So far it’s going well. Please share your experiences with the community.

  1. I have been treated for wet AMD for over 9 years in left eye. I am now legally blind in that eye. Right eye has had dry MD for years and was still my good eye up until this year. That eye had allowed me to continue to drive. Now the dry MD in Rt eye has progressed to where I have had to stop driving. I have had 2 injections of Syfovre which will hopefully at least slow down the progression. I live alone in an area with no easy access to public transportation . I am trying to adapt to my new normal but It is not easy ..

    Nancy Davis

    1. Hi! I'm sorry to hear that your left eye's vision has declined so much. I hope that the injections are helpful in slowing down the progression of your right eye. I've found an article that you may find helpful about declining vision and giving up driving/that sense of independence: This article may be helpful as well: Thinking of you and please keep us posted on how you continue to feel! Warmly, Abby (Team member).

    2. I am so sorry you had to give up driving. I am still legal to drive but it is a challenge. I hope to buy bioptic glasses soon to help me with driving. They are legal in Oklahoma. I live in a rural area 14 miles from the nearest store. There is no public transportation where I live. I hope your injections slow down your progression. Warmly, Sharon Moore patient leader

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