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When To Get a Second Opinon

When you were diagnosed with macular degeneration, when did you decide to get a second opinion? What was this appointment like? Confusing? Helpful?

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  1. i was diagnosed by my optometrist during a routine visit. I chose to see a retinal specialist because my mom and sister both had wet AMD. He confirmed my diagnosis and scheduled appointments every 6 months. Sharon Moore patient leader

    1. No I haven’t and to be honest I didn’t think I needed to, I’ve been trusting with the doctor I’m currently going to. My question is “should I “ ?

      1. there is no reason to get a second opinion when you have a doctor you trust. Most often one gets a second opinion if they have doubts or concerns about a diagnosis or course of treatment. I am glad you have a doctor you can trust to provide your care. Regards, Sharon Moore patient leader

    2. Thank you for your response, I went to see my doctor August 7th I was given some kind of test then I was told if the doctor sees anything wrong I would be contacted, that has never happened before. Normally I see the doctor who explains what is going on with my eyes if anything, then given an appointment to return in 6 months, but neither happened. I’ve tried repeatedly to contact them but nobody has returned my calls. I’ve been going there for 2yrs now and think it time to find another doctor.

      1. I would have a concern about a doctor that doesn't respond to my phone calls. With macular degeneration, one needs a quick response to calls from patients. Did I understand correctly that you had a test but didn’t see your doctor? At every visit they do a scan and after a few minutes the doctor comes in and tells me the results. Good luck finding a new doctor. Regards, Sharon Moore patient leader

      2. have you had any luck in contacting your doctor? I've heard someone on this site before say that they had their tests and then went home awaiting a doctor's phone call. Some practices must use this method, but I'm afraid it wouldn't suit me at all. And you didn't even get the call! I hope you've been able to sort things out. Please let us know how you go. Best wishes, Wendy, Patient Leader.

    3. No

      1. I'm glad to hear that you haven't needed to get a second opinion. It certainly isn't necessary if we are happy and satisfied with our doctor, and we have no unanswered questions. I got a second opinion because I have cataracts as well as macular degeneration. I wanted to hear another opinion about when and if they should be removed. And it was a different opinion. But I'm not going for a third one! How are you going with your vision and your treatment at the moment? Wendy, Patient Leader.

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