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What's on Your Visual Bucket List?

One of our awesome members posted about creating a visual bucket list and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea!

On mine: a beach sunset, seeing Dave Matthews play at The Gorge, and lighthouses in Ireland!

What's on yours?

  1. Visiting all of the Disney theme parks!

    1. That's fun!!!! Do you mean internationally as well? -Andrea, Team Member

    2. Live in Florida and have been to DisneyWorld - but years ago. They have hiked the fees up sooo high it's ridiculous. It's over $100 per day per park.

  2. I am 'lucky' that I didn't get this diagnosis with MD until I was 78, almost 79.

    And by that I mean that I don't really have a 'visual bucket list' to speak of. I always wanted to go to Machu Picchu but I became severely physically disabled, and so cannot make that trip now.

    Otherwise I have been in all fifty states except North Dakota, travelled in many countries, seen my grandchildren as they grew up. (14, 16, 18, 21, 25, 27).

    My joy right now I our new kitten Gatito. We got him at 12 weeks, and he is adorable! I walk with a walker and braces, and when I'm going from one room to another, he jumps on for a ride.

    The thing is I don't want a bucket list because I hope to be able to see up to 'the end'.

    Write more about YOUR bucket lists....they are always such fun to read.

    Love, Elaine

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