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What are some lingering questions you have?

All questions are safe here. What would you like to know about macular degeneration? Post your question here and our health leaders will answer the best they can!

  1. I discovered the problem only after cataract surgery. Not by the surgeon but my OD. The surgeon, on questioning, indicated that: yes, I saw it but it will not be a problem until you are in your nineties. Now, I am told, that everything is stable. Wtf does that mean? I have been diagnosed and undiagnosed with glaucoma too. Now I am back at glaucoma suspect. The lack of decisive clarity is disturbing. I rely upon my own research.

    1. - My dry AMD was also detected after cataract surgeries by my ophthalmologist. Fortunately, he did tell me but also said there’s no point in seeing a Retina Specialist since there’s no treatment or cure. After a few years & much research, I decided on my own to start seeing a Retina Specialist and have no regrets. Linda Hoopes, Advocate & Team Member

    2. I soooooo agree with you as to doctors, more than not, don't know enough or don't remember enough and/or don't take the time to consult their text books for the benefit of all their whom they certainly owe it. I too am struggling to understand what in the world I do have even after going to several specialists. If I believe them, I have some kind of Glaucoma plus a number of Macular Degenerations of all colors and sizes... 😀

  2. Thanks you all! Always good to know that we are not alone in our experiences and observations. Good thoughts!

    1. hi iam getting depressed I have wet an dry just had surgery I have a retera tear

    2. many experience depression when diagnosed or progression occurs. Having a retinal tear complicates your situation. Did the surgery work out well for you? I hope you start feeling better soon. Regards, Sharon Moore patient leader

  3. Ordered glasses on line. Disappointed. Almost failed my eye test for my license. Worse than I thought. Any reading helps??

    1. I understand. I am to the point that I can only read on my IPad or iPhone where I can enlarge the text and increase contrast. I hope you find a good option. Keep me posted! Regards, Sharon Moore patient leader

    2. - I understand completely! After already failing and re-taking one exam for a driver’s license, I’m not looking forward to taking another in June to renew my driver’s license. It will be a miracle if I pass the exam. Personally, I would steer clear of on-line purchases, especially for your eyes. There are many reputable resources like Costco, Lens Crafters & Walmart that are both reasonable and credible (with guarantees). Linda Hoopes,Advocate & Team Member

  4. I just recently found out about GA, and it scared me. No one ever told me about this possibility. I have wet AMD in both eyes and I am being treated with injections. every six weeks for my left eye and every 12 weeks for my right eye. My doctor is very sweet, but so busy, I do not get a chance to discuss anything with him. Also I am petrified to talk about GA. I know it is wrong to feel that way. So many of you so graciously accept your condition with the illness in your eyes. i am 90 years old and I take care of my 62 years old ill son. I have to stay strong and able for him. I cannot even imagine losing my sight. He needs me.
    I just hope that I am spared having to deal with more bad news.

    Thank you for your support, I always love your responses it makes me feel less lonely.

    Edie Laude

    1. it’s unfortunate that our doctors don’t fully explain what it means to have macular degeneration and it’s progressive nature. GA is more often associated with dry macular degeneration but can occur in those with wet. Up to 20 percent of people with AMD develop GA. I just learned I have the early stages of GA. It is scary and I have no way to predict how quickly it will progress. We now have an injection for dry macular degeneration to slow the progression. My doctor says new treatments are on the horizon. I try to stay positive and focus on the blessings God has blessed me with. Whether it’s talking about GA or any other questions you have, don’t be afraid to speak up. I find it helpful to write my questions down. Regards, Sharon Moore patient leader

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