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Tiny white bump on eye closest to ear

I was diagnosed 3 months ago with AMD and everything seemed to be fine. I have been taking the eye vitamins, wearing blue lenses while on the computer and wearing my sunglasses faithfully! Last Thursday I thought I had something in my eye, no. It is a tiny white bump closest on my eye closest to my ear. I already use eye drops numerous times a day for dry eyes. I am still doing this. Does anyone out there have this problem? I am calling the doctor tomorrow. Dr. Google says it might be Pinguecula.

  1. I think it is wise to check this out with your RS . It is always best to know what you have than to wait. I hope you will get reassurance.
    Thea DeStephano

    1. good advice! Thanks for being so supportive in this community. Warm wishes. Wendy, Advocate.

  2. I'm pleased that you are calling your doctor. Even if someone else has these bumps, we never know if they are the same as ours. I have white bumps on my actual eyelid, not my eye, and the doctor isn't concerned with them. Good on you for wearing those blue lense glasses. They aren't mentioned much in Australia. I always have my blue light filter turned on on my devices, but haven't fully investigated the glasses. Best wishes, Wendy, Advocate.

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