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Terrible pain during injection

I just had my first injection for wet macular degeneration several weeks ago. The drops given me prior to the injection, allegedly to anesthetize the eye, felt like acid being poured into my eye. And the injection itself horribly painful. I yelled from the pain and starting crying. I've gone through childbirth three times, had several operations of different types, but never experience such pain. I am going to see another doctor and hope he can offer something less painful. But I wonder if other people have had this same experience and if it is something I can expect to continue, with every injection.

  1. I'm so sorry to hear that you had to suffer such pain. I have the dry form so haven't had injections, but many or most people in this community feel only discomfort. I've heard that some people ask for extra numbing drops. Sometimes it's the Betadine that hurts and stings. I'm sure someone with first-hand experience will chime in soon. I'm pleased to hear you're going to try another doctor. They often have different regimes. Please let us know how you go. Wendy, Advocate.

    1. Thank you for your help!

  2. Oh no, , it shouldn’t feel like that! Some people are more sensitive to the Betadine than others, and it can sting, but pain like that is terrible. I’ve had many injections over the last 5 years, and only feel a slight pressure. Perhaps They could give you a different numbing drop first. I wrote about it here: Hope this helps a bit, and wishing you better days ahead. Cora Lyn, Team Member

    1. Thanks for your response!

  3. I am so sorry your very first injection was so painful for you. As Wendy and Cora said most people don’t have that much pain. My sister often has pain and her last injection caused three days of misery causing her to want to give up. I think the betadine is the culprit and the doctor refused to use anything else. Like you she is going to see a different doctor that will work with her to lessen the discomfort. Just hang in there until you get a good doctor that will make the injections less painful. The injections are vital to slowing down the progression. Let us know how it goes at your next visit. Wishing you the best, Sharon Moore Advocate

    1. Sorry to hear about the pain your sister has. I hope the new doctor can help!

      1. Thank you for caring. My sister has an appointment with a new doctor June 30. I will be sure to let everyone know how it goes at her next appointment. Sharon Moore Advocate

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