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Switching Eye Injection Medicines

Do you have experience with switching eye injection medications? If so, what was the process like? What did your doctor tell you?

Share with us below.

  1. Yes! After one year on Avastin, with deteriorating vision, I was switched to Eylea. My first Eylea injection was 2 days ago. My doctor told me we needed to try something else. He also mentioned the outrageous difference in his cost for the drugs. The injection felt the same. My only concern so far is the cost. Here is hoping Medicare and my supplement will cover it!

    1. which supplement plan is your sister using?

    2. she has one through Cigna called American retirement Life. She has a small annual deductible about $200 then covers 100% of what Medicare doesn’t pay. Sharon Moon, patient leader

  2. I switched injection medication

    1. thanks for commenting. Which medication were you on before and which one did you change to? Is the new one working better for you? Wendy, Patient Leader.

  3. After using Lucentis in both eyes, the left in 2016, the right in 2018, i as of 6 weeks ago am receiving VABYSMO to increase the time between injections from 28-32 days to 60 days or more. At age 83 i can with some self limits drive; use my iPad to view local and national news, and invested in a 65 inch smart TV which i am comfortably able to see the screen with 20/25 vision in good eye and 20/100 on a good day in other. Patience and a well respected and skilled provider who has 24/7 care are invaluable. Good luck to all.

    1. Hi , thank you so much for taking the time to share with us. So glad to hear you have a good physician in your corner- that can be extremely helpful. Thanks again for being here and sharing. Wishing you well. Kindly, Jessica, Team Member

    2. having your provider available 24/7 is a big bonus. My father used to have his injections on a Friday, and there was no-one to call over the weekend if he had a problem. He was on Lucentis too. I'm glad you've switched to Vabysmo. Best wishes for your future treatment. Wendy, Patient Leader.

  4. 1. Yes, and it was because I could no longer afford the shot that I was being given. This was sometime ago, but as I recall the cost, at that time, for the shot alone was around $2000 and of course there were addition charges on top of that.

    1. it’s so unfortunate when insurance won’t cover our medications. There are patient assistance programs for those that qualify for most of the medications. Did the one you switched to work well for you? Regards, Sharon Moore patient leader

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