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Sending gratitude to this forum

My mom was diagnosed with wet macular degeneration 2 years back, she was 58 then.

Initially it was just one eye and very quickly she had lost the vision on that one, the doc said it was due to an eye shock and later she was diagnosed with the same thing on the right eye. She takes the injection every month, it has however increased to an interval to 3 months now. This time we are more careful.
As a single child and also living away from home, this has been devastating for me cause my mom is still moderately young and she is just so so full of life. My dad is super caring, he cooks now and takes real good card of my mom.
I read some of the documents and stories here and I didn’t feel alone and it felt like we are all in this together.

My mom is very very strong, she is impeccably positive. We don’t know what the future holds for her in terms of her vision but she still has her spirits high.

I don’t have any question to post,
I just wanted to thank each one of you who wrote on the forum and shared their stories. It fills me with hope and makes me feel so much better.

  1. it is so nice to get positive feedback from the community. Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your mom. I am glad our community gives you reason to feel hopeful. Wishing your Mom and you all the best, Sharon Moore Advocate

    1. @Nishat thank YOU for sharing! I know what it's like to have a mother who has macular degeneration. It's good that her injections have been spaced out to three months. That's a lot less strain than going more frequently for shots. My mother has always been full of life, and she has retained that attitude now for over 20 years with macular degeneration. I'm sure your mother will be the same, especially with your father's support. I hope she enjoys your father's cooking, my father never did quite master that skill. Best wishes to all of you. Wendy, Advocate.

      1. Thank you Wendy for such a lovely message.❤️
        Wanted to inquire did your mother take the injections too ? I wanted to understand how effective they are in saving the vision for long

        1. My mother has the dry type, so she didn't have injections. There was no treatment to help her (not much was known about AREDs2 supplements back then). She is legally blind, but her wonderful attitude to life comes from within. My father has the wet type and he has been receiving injections for a couple of decades (he's nearly 97). He can still see quite well and do what he wants to do, and help my mother a little. Just lately his injections have been spread out for a longer time, and he hasn't needed one since last year. Everyone is different, and I'm afraid that my parents' experience won't be much of a guide for you. They are in a nursing home now, but that is more due to their mobility and other needs that come with ageing, rather than their sight. I hope things go as well as possible for your whole family. Kind wishes, Wendy, Advocate.

      2. This is wonderfully written. Thanks again Wendy, your words mean a lot. 😀

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