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Does your doctor insist on preservative-free eye drops?

For those using moisturising eye drops for regular use, does your doctor insist on preservative-free drops? Those little single-use vials can be such a nuisance.

– Wendy, Advocate

  1. Hey Wendy! Great question. I'm hopeful that my comment will help "bump" this up so others can see it and potentially respond! Hope you're having a great day today 😀 -Alesandra ( Team)

    1. Thanks Alesandra. I worry that I'm not using the preservative-free drops. The Mayo clinic says if you use drops with preservatives more than four times a day they can irritate your eyes. I will ask my doctor but just wondered what others used. Wendy - Advocate.

  2. Hi ! I believe you already saw this, but just wanted to follow up both for you and anyone else following this post. We posted this great question of yours on our Facebook page and a few people responded there with their experience. You can find the post and read others' comments here:

    Hope it's helpful!
    Shelby Team Member

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