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Pain and weeping second day after 4th injection of Eylea,

Dear MD friends: I had my 4th injection of Eylea yesterday. My eye still hurts so badly I can't keep it open. It is red and feels like sand is under the eyelid. What should I do? Is this normal? I can barely function like this.
I had to miss going to dinner last night (had it delivered instead). I had the injection Friday morning, and I've been this ever since.
I didn't call the Dr. yesterday because I assumed it would be better today.
I think I'll call to see if there is an emergency after hours/weekend service.

  1. You should be able to get the on call doctor even on the weekend. Please update after you talk to the doctor. Hope all goes well, Sharon Moore Advocate

    1. I wanted to follow up with you to see what the doctor had to say about your reaction to your injection. I do hope all is well with you, Sharon Moore Advocate

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