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Limits with Macular Degeneration

Do you feel that you have been able to maintain your independence with your AMD diagnosis? What kinds of things do you find yourself needing help with? Please share any experiences below.

  1. Driving at night is one thing I avoid now. It's ok if it is just local and I'm familiar with the road, but I wouldn't like to drive into the city. It's not that I can't see where I'm going, it's just much more difficult and requires a lot of concentration. Wendy, Advocate.

    1. well said! This is my situation now too. No more night driving for me. Best-Richard/Advocate

    2. There is a lot of uncertainty with driving at night! I can understand how this is something that you'd try to avoid if you can. Better to be safe, that's for sure! Best, Abby (Team Member).

  2. I no longer drive in city traffic. I am fortunate to have a daughter and brother always willing to drive for me. I seldom drive at night but occasionally do so to attend church services. I bought the Cocoon night vision glasses which seem to help. Sharon Moore Advocate

    1. - Never heard of Cocoon night vision glasses - I’ll be checking that out - Thanks, Sharon!

    2. here is the link you can check out the night vision glasses
      Sharon Moore Advocate

  3. I don’t drive at night now either but I don’t know about Cocoon night vision glasses

    1. The cocoon twilight vision glasses are also helpful for driving in fog or rainy conditions. You can check them out here
      There may be other brands that make them but these are what I use.
      Best wishes, Sharon Moore Advocate

    2. When and what are the first things that occur while driving at night? My issue was cataracts and rings around headlights, and everything just seemed much darker. I had cataracts removed and now I'm OK at night even though I've had wet AMD for four years.

  4. Thanks Sharon. I’ll look into Cocoon glasses

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