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Surprised To See This

I was surprised to see this ad on the back cover of the Feb/March 2022 AARP magazine which I received in the mail today. It says that “It’s only a matter of time until…..” followed up by disturbing images of rapidly progressing macular degeneration images. This is an ad for AREDs2 which is helpful and I have been taking it for about 10 years. But I think it is very wrong and unethical to state that disease of any type is only a “matter of time” until it progresses to a serious outcome like blindness. A similar ad could say the same about cancer followed by pictures of progressing tumors or about coronary artery disease followed by pictures of clogged arteries. How do others in this group feel about this? I would strongly encourage Bausch and Lomb to discontinue this type of fear generation.AREDS2 advertisement

  1. I personally don’t like this type of ad. I take AREDS2 eye vitamins for my intermediate dry macular degeneration because it may help me slow the progression. The rate of progression for macular degeneration varies widely among individuals. How is your vision holding with macular degeneration? Best wishes, Sharon Moore Advocate

    1. I also take AREDS 2 Vitamins

      1. Something got lost. I have taken them for 5 years and have had no significant changes in vision. Thanks for all your help.

      2. I am glad that your rate of progression has been so slow. I have had no progression according to the OCT scans I have 3 to 4 times a year. Sharon Moore advocate

    2. I agree with you that this is not the type of advertisement I personally like to see. I have a few friends who have dry AMD and it hasn't progressed at all in a number of years. They have remained at such an early stage that the AREDS supplements haven't even been recommended to them. I have had dry AMD for nearly eight years now and am at the intermediate stage, but don't have significant problems with my sight. I have been taking the AREDS2 supplement for a long time though, because of my family history, with both parents having AMD. Another factor advertisers should consider is that many trials are taking place at the moment, and any one of them could come up with a treatment that will prevent AMD getting to the stage pictured. Best wishes to you, Wendy, Advocate.

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