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Implant of special maculopathy lens during cataract surgery

My mum, aged 82 suffers from atrophic maculopathy worsened starting from 2015, currently she has a decimal notation vision of 2/10 (right eye) and 4/10 (left eye) partially due to a nuclear cataract and for this reason she has to undergo the related surgery. In this regard, I have heard about a intraocular lens model called “EyeMax” or “EyeMax mono” produced in UK specially designed for people affected by macular disease to limit the effects of its typical progression. I was wondering if anyone has ever had any direct experience with this kind of lens or have any data about their efficacy in dry AMD patients.
Many thanks for your appreciated help, Paolo

  1. unfortunately, I don't have any experience with this lens, or any more information than you've probably already gathered from your research. I just wanted to acknowledge your question and wish you well in your search for answers for your mother. If anyone in our community has experience, I'm sure they'll reply. Best wishes, Wendy, Advocate.

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