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How quickly can Wet MD develop?

My question is can Wet macular degeneration develop in a span of 2-3 months? I was just diagnosed with Wet MD a week ago. My Story: I had routine yearly eye exam last July & was told everything was fine – no MD, just cataracts developing, but could wait at least 6 months before taking care of them. In September I noticed distorted vision in my right eye when I closed my left eye. Saw my optometrist whose exact words were: “the bad news is you have a macular separation, but the good news is you don’t have macular degeneration”. Referred me to retinologist who scheduled me for cataract surgery a week later then a vitrectomy 3 weeks after. Since then, my vision has not improved & I still have distortion in right eye. I had several appointments with retinologist with dozens of eye scans & pictures right after vitrectomy. Saw my personal optometrist & got new glasses in December-he said no evidence of MD on this exam. Had a followup with the retinologist last week when he diagnosed me with wet MD & I received my first injection of Avastin, with another scheduled in a month; also started taking ARED2 this week. I was stunned when I got the diagnosis so didn’t think to ask questions then or even what questions to ask. I have been searching for any information I can find & have so many questions, but I don’t see the retinologist again for a month & he is 100 miles away so it isn’t convenient to make an appointment just to ask questions. Thanks in advance for any information about how quickly wet MD can develop, or how did my optometrist & retinologist miss it.

  1. I feel for you with all this going on with your eyes, and I understand how stunned you must have felt, and still feel. I would like to be able to give you an answer, but it really is a question for a medical professional. I know it is difficult for you to speak to your retinologist at this time. I hope another community member who has been in a similar situation will share their experience. A couple of points, from reading the Mayo Clinic website,, wet macular degeneration always begins as the dry type. Also symptoms of the wet type usually "appear suddenly and worsen rapidly ". I hope you can find out a bit more in due course and I wish you well with your treatment. Wendy, Advocate.

    1. I wanted to check on you to see how you are doing. By now you have probably had a follow up appointment with your doctor. We would love an update from you. Blessings. Sharon Moore Advocate

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