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How long do the injection bubbles last?

I just got my first injection in my right eye on Monday (4 days ago now), and while the big black circle from the injection site has healed, I still see a bunch of bubbles in my vitreous fluid. They seem to be fading very slowly, but I was wondering what people here tended to experience.

For reference, I had a bit of a quick-onset bleed caused by MMD. I went from perfectly normal vision to having a huge sinkhole in the middle of my vision while I was working around the house. My vision is -14.5 with a -4 astigmatism, and no doctor has ever warned me I was even at risk for this---they always just told me to look out for retinal detachment.

Thanks in advance, and have a great weekend everyone!

  1. I have dry macular degeneration and don’t get injections. I read these bubbles may take a few days to completely go away. This link may be helpful @
    Best wishes, Sharon Moore Advocate

    1. It seems to mirror my experience thus far, it's just a little terse since it's not from a patient perspective. Thanks!

  2. I’m so sorry you’ve reached this point with your eyes too, . I’ve been having shots in one eye for about five years and my vision has remained fairly stable, thank goodness. I get the big black circle which usually disappears within a few hours or overnight, followed by numerous small ones which sometimes take another couple of days to fade. After two of my injections, I had more of the little dots, and they stayed longer. My RS said not to worry, it sometimes happens. Hope this helps and please come back if you have any other questions. Good luck going forward with this, Cora Lyn, Team Member

    1. That's good to hear; I didn't realize the shots have only really been around for 10 years. Knowing they seem to work long-term makes me feel a bit better.
      The smaller bubbles caused from the turbulence of disturbing the vitreous jelly in my eye have now been around for five days, and don't seem to be fading very quickly, which is why I asked.
      Anyway, thanks for your input; it's more data for me to consider for the long-haul. 😀

  3. I wanted to follow up with you to see if the bubbles have gone away. I hope all is well by now. Sharon Moire, Advocate

    1. They're harder to see, but they still seem to be sticking around in the lower right hand corner of my eye. I'm starting to wonder if they ever *will* go away.

  4. That must be frustrating. The article I read said they are harmless and all eventually go away. I hope that happens soon for you. Sharon Moore Advocate

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