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How do you handle grooming?

I have a question that may seem silly. I was trimming my toenails (it’s getting harder to see them clearly from afar) and it occurred to me that there must be hundreds of things I won’t be able to do if this gets worse. Toenails seem to be a small thing to worry about, I can get pedicures, but what about other grooming?

  1. I worry a lot about how I'm going to apply makeup and silly things like pluck gray hairs! I don't have answers to all of these 'silly' but not so silly things...but know you're not alone! I guess we ask our support system for help. -Andrea, Team Member

    1. Treading the same waters as you.

      1. These are great things to think through and plan for in advance ! Thank you so much for sharing your tips and helping others here.
        - Shelby, Team Member

      2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts . As you can see, you are certainly not alone here!
        - Shelby, Team Member

    2. I can no longer trim or paint my toenails. My daughter and I go together for pedicures and my feet never looked better. I can’t see well enough to “put on” my eye brows. I just ordered a new lighted makeup mirror hoping it will allow me to apply makeup and not

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