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What are some helpful items to have around the house for low vision?

I've started adding kitchen tools with large print like measuring cups and spoons, and my keyboard has letters that light up, but what are some other household items have you been buying that make your life easier as someone visually impaired?

  1. I love this question !! I hope others will share their tips with you. I'm also going to post your question to our Facebook page later this week, and I'll share any responses we get there. Thanks so much for the great question!
    - Shelby, Team Member

    1. I ordered a package of small flashlights from Amazon and placed them around my house. It helps some to find things and read directions.

    2. I think that's a good idea. It certainly beats going looking for a flashlight when you need one, and then can't find one. I keep a few near cupboards and drawers that are dark at the back, and I can't really see in them. I need more magnifying glasses, though, but at least I can use my phone for that if I have to. Thanks for joining the conversation, Wendy, Patient Leader.

  2. There are tactile markers you can purchase to apply to frequently pressed buttons on lots of items. But you can make your own using a drop of hot glue.

    1. Hi , thank you for weighing in! One of our advocates has a video on how to use bump dots around the house, which sounds similar to what you're referring to - I also love the idea of simply using dried drops of hot glue - so clever!
      - Shelby, Team Member

  3. My son bought me a 60 in. tv to replace my 40 inch so that I can now read the small words describing movies, news items, scores etc,

    1. Good on your son for doing this for you. Choosing a new television isn't easy these days. It takes some time and research (I know, I'm looking). I hope you enjoy watching it. I'm in the process of moving my furniture around so I can get a bit closer to my tv in the meantime. Happy viewing! Wendy, Advocate.

  4. That new tv sounds wonderful. I can’t read the menu on mine and need to invest in a larger one. Sharon Moore advocate

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