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Everyday things that are more difficult because of eye disease...

I'm packing up my family for a summer trip and just thinking about how much 'eye stuff' I have packed. Here's my checklist: Glasses and case, contacts, backup contacts (because you know, if something is gonna happen to them it will most likely be on vacation), contact case, contact solution for putting contacts in, contact solution (the bubbly cleaning kind) for cleaning contacts at night, lubricating eye drops, medicated eye drops just in case...deeeep breaths! Anyone else have other tasks that seem more complicated because of their eye diagnosis? -Andrea, Team Member

  1. Ugh, that's a LOT to remember!! I'm sure many others here can relate, too. Thank you for sharing! Where are you headed on your summer trip!? - Shelby, Team Member

    1. Never just a quick pack up and go situation, that's for sure! The kids and I are in Ohio visiting some friends! -Andrea, Team Member

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