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What have you shared about macular degeneration with your current or new employers?

When I was initially diagnosed with myopic macular degeneration, I had been at my current employer for many years and I was able to be open with them about my experiences. However, a few weeks ago I started a new position, where I did not go into detail about MD prior to starting, and I'm struggling with what and how much to discuss with them.

My eyes have been stable for several months, but I know that could change unexpectedly. I'm undecided if I should bring it up now, or wait until a bleed occurs and they need to know. For those who have taken on a new job after being diagnosed with macular degeneration, how/when did you share your diagnosis?

  1. I have been at my current employer for fifteen years, so by now they know what's going on with my eyes. They are thankfully very supportive! I can see why you'd be wondering when to discuss your eye health with a new employer and I personally think this is one of those things where you do what you feel more comfortable with. I think they'll love ya either way! Good luck! -Andrea, Team Member

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