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Changes in my eyes

I seem to notice that i am having issues with colors such as the print on newspapers etc and signs. It seems to be faded or i can't recognize the color. I have weeds in my walkway but they look brown to me when i go to try and pick them out and oftentimes i miss some as i can't seem to recognize the color. They are really green but not to my eyes. This i noticed just within the past few months and i have been dealing with dry AMD for about 15 years and the past 7 have gotten to the stage of 20/400 in my left eye and 20/40 in the right eye which i do most of my seeing with. I was wondering if anyone else had issues with sudden changes in distinguishing colors.

  1. Changes in vision go along with AMD, or so I am told. I'm also told that when I notice them I should call my Retina Specialist. They can tell you whether you should come in to be checked.
    Many of us with AMD are intensely aware of any changes in our vision. "Better safe than sorry" as my mother always said. Let us know what you learn. Beverly Dame, Advocate

    1. I hope you get an answer at your next appointment. I know my mother had a great deal of difficulty distinguishing colors and my father had to help her select her clothes. As he also had macular degeneration, the results were sometimes interesting. But she always looked lovely just the same. Warm wishes to you, Wendy, Patient Leader.

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