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"Despite my macular degeneration progression, I'm still able to _______"

Fill in the blank!

Are you still able to do the things you love? Have you made your hobbies adaptable? Have you picked up a NEW hobby? We want to hear from you. Join the conversation.

  1. despite being diagnosed about 8 years ago, I can still do most things I want to, except drive at night. I need a larger font and better lighting to read, whether it's a book or a device. Wendy, Patient Leader.

    1. my favorite hobby is reading. Thanks to the accessibility settings on my iPad I can enlarge the font and change the background color. I recently added an echo device that can read my books aloud. I can still sew since adding a led strip light to my sewing machine and other lighting. It is essential to adapt in order to live life well with AMD. Sharon Moore Patient leader

      1. I love to crochet but just can’t see the individual stitches well enough any more. Do you have any tips? Regards, Sharon Moore patient leader

      2. There is a doctor that helps with low vision glasses, however, no insurance and it’s very expensive. After looking at your records he decides if he is able to help or not. My name is Shannon. Let me know if you want more information on him. He is in Annapolis

    2. would like to read music for piano .Glasses ?

      1. Thank you! I'll tell my short AMD story at the link you gave me. But I wish to tell you that I admire people who play the piano (my favorite instrument) with devotion, like your musical family!

      2. I look forward to reading your story. Playing piano brought my Mom great pleasure. Regards, Sharon Moore patient leader

    3. I am so grateful - for now - to be able to DRIVE. I no longer drive at night or in unfamiliar places but can still get around town. My cup is half FULL! Linda Hoopes, Advocate & Team Member

      1. that is my fear. I am not going to be able to drive soon. But with the hopes of getting some glasses from a low vision specialist, I will be able to continue to do so. The appointment is expensive, but I am going to save money to do it.

      2. I hope the glasses work out so you can continue to drive. Keep us posted how they work out for you. Regards, Sharon Moore patient leader

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