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Does anyone have experience with cataract surgery?

A community member needs cataract surgery and has been offered three options. One covered by insurance, the others two and $3000 each eye. Does anyone have any experience they could share with her?

  1. I'm so sorry for the late reply and that no one has reponsded to your question, Cora! I wish I had some helpful information I could pass along about cataract surgery and insurance coverage, but I'm afraid this is beyond my knowledge. Insurance plans and coverage can be so different person to person, so I think this community member will have the best guidance speaking with their doctors, insurance company, or a trusted advisor. I'll keep an eye and ear our for more information on this and will definitely follow up if I find any helpful resources!
    - Shelby, Team Member

    1. I recently had cataract surgery. In terms of what type of lens to get, I went with the standard lens that is covered by Medicare. My understanding of the more expensive lens's is they are more if your goal is to not have to wear glasses. They have lens that are multifocal, so you can see both distance and close, which my doctor did not recommend as he found they did not work as well as they should. Or you can get one eye set for distance and the other for close work/reading. the brain makes the adjustment. I opted for regular lens's, they are set to make my distance vision the best and I need glasses for reading. I have been very happy with my choice. My sister opted for the more expensive and now 10 years later her eyes have changed and she needs glasses again, so just be clear on what your goal is and why. I just wanted clear vision and did not care if I needed glasses. Astigmatism can make it a bit more complicated but still regular lenses should work just fine. I can now drive at night and see clearly and reading is once again a joy. My maculer degeneration is very early and not affecting my vision at all.

      1. Thanks, Sammiek, for sharing your experience and knowledge of cataract surgery. I’ll pass it on. We love hearing the success stories! Thanks again, Cora Lyn, Team Member

        1. Thanks for this post sammiek . I’m about to have cataracts removed & have been worried because of the macular degeneration. Encouraging words. Thank you!

          1. im in the same boat. God bless and good luck

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