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Is there a calendar app with a large font?

I have an android phone.

  1. Good morning, ! I do not have an android, but after doing a little research it looks like the Business Calendar by Appgenix has 'highly customizable font adjustments', and customers are saying they do work in the review section. It also looks like an app called 'Big Font' (a yellow app with two white F's) may help with increasing text size for your whole phone. I am just giving a few suggestions after some research, but like I said I'm not an android user, so it's hard for me to say. These apps could also have ads in them if not purchased, so if aren't what you're looking for I would be happy to keep looking to help out!
    -Andrea, Team Member

    1. My husband is a big Android user and has been searching for years for a large font calendar app. In his words, it's the "holy grail" of apps. lol

      I'll tell him to try out the appgenix Business Calendar

      1. , let me know what he thinks! -
        Andrea, Team Member

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