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bleed in "wet" eye

Has anyone had a bleed in a "wet" eye clear up?

  1. I have dry AMD but I can tell you that treatment with anti-VEGF injections stabilizes 90% of patients experiencing leaking blood vessels
    I tagged a moderator with wet AMD so hopefully you will get further information from someone with wet AMD. Warm wishes, Sharon Moore patient leader

    1. Hi there! Just checking in to see how you are doing? Have you been able to visit a retina specialist to assess the bleed in your eye? All the best, Abby (Team Member).

      1. Yes, I have been to a specialist. Have had 2 injections of Avastin so far- third one coming up. They see evidence of thinning the bleed sight with hopes of making it more translucent- hoping for that. Thank you for your concern.

        1. Remaining hopeful for you and hope that the third injection goes smoothly! Thanks for providing an update 😀 Best, Abby (Team Member).

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