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AREDS & AREDS2 'eye vitamins'

This is such a big topic! It's complicated and confusing! Has your eye specialist advised you to take AREDS2? If not, did you decide to start them on your own? If so, what research did you do?

  1. I was told by my eye specialist to take AREDS2. I just can't take these. They upset my stomach greatly. Does anyone know of another eye supplement comparable to AREDS2 that will not upset my stomach. Thank you

    1. Yes I do take them with food. It still upsets my stomach.

    2. bbailey57, please investigate thiamin's (vitamin B1) role in eye health and especially macular degeneration. One problem with thiamine is, like vitamin D, it requires adequate magnesium to make it bioactive. Look for a fat soluble form, such as Benfotiamine, that stays active longer than water soluble forms and can pass through the blood/brain barrier. Also a general search on thiamine deficiency will offer you a deeper understanding of this critical vitamin.

  2. , not being a doctor I can't offer medical advice. If you haven't already, I would talk to your doctor about alternatives. Your local pharmacist is also a great resource. In my experience, medication may be tolerated if taken differently . Good luck and I hope you find a good answer for your situation. Sharon Moore,Advocate

    1. I eat half a Paleo bar (it is dense) from Costco and take a Tuna Omega-3 Oil capsule. Then I eat the other half and take the AREDS supplement. As long as I eat this with the supplements I take for my eyes, I am not nauseous. I tried yogurt, cereal, even toast but they are not dense enough. Hope this helps.

      1. My mother lives on the east coast and was diagnosed (at 88 yrs. old) 3 years ago with wet MD. Her retinal specialist said the supplements were a waste of time.
        I decided NOT to take them because of her advice. Now here I am, 3 years later, and I was just diagnosed (at 68 yrs. old) with wet AMD.
        I did not know it is hereditary. Do I regret listening to the specialist ... you bet I do.
        My sister who is a year older than me, decided to take the AREDS supplement, and her eyes are fine.

        1. I don't believe it's a direct correlation. My mother had the dry for many years and passed away at 93 without ever developing wet. I have taken the AREDS2 since 2013 (age 64). I was diagnosed with wet AMD in both eyes a year ago without ever being diagnosed with dry. I've had 18 injections at this point. Did the vitamins help? I do not know. I do still take them but with food to eliminate the nausea that it tend to cause. Don't beat yourself up about not taking them earlier.

        2. We count on our doctors to give us the best possible care and it’s disappointing in situations like yours when that doesn’t happen. You always have the option to get a second opinion. You can’t undo the past but you can do all possible to preserve and slow the progression of your wet AMD. Here is an article on the Areds vitamins @
          Best of luck, Sharon Moore Advocate.

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