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After your injections for wet macular degeneration

What instructions does your doctor give you for when you get home after your eye injections? Use moisturising drops? Antibiotic drops? Don't shower for a day? Rest your eyes? Any of the above, or other instructions? Wendy, Advocate

  1. No advice apart from taking it easy.

    1. Wendy my Mom had wet macular degeneration and I accompanied her for dozens of. Injections. Not once did they ever instruct her about after care. That is also the case for my sister who has the injections. Sharon Moore Advocate

    2. thanks. After a fairly serious procedure like injections in the eye, I would have thought there would be some instructions for home. Perhaps my Dad isn't forgetting anything after all!

  2. It is a bit strange?

    1. HI, I just got my first injection, and the office gave me a whole sheet of paper about what to look for, what might be on my eye. Also gave me a small bottle of drops if my eye felt scratchy. Clearly spelled out I could shower, but should avoid getting water in my eye for 3 days. I'm surprised all doctors don't give something like that out.
      But I am lucky enough to live near one of the top hospitals in the country, and I was also lucky enough to see a top doctor there.
      Good luck.

      1. I hope your first injection went well. It's a good thing to have behind you. Thank you for taking the trouble to let me know what happens for you after your injection. I was asking for my father, who is in residential care a long way from me. A nurse takes him and he doesn't seem to come back with any guidelines at all. He has just recently changed doctors, however, so this time he might come home with some instructions. I will mention to him about not getting water in his eye - that's probably a good suggestion for everyone. I'm pleased for you that you live near such a great hospital and have a top doctor. Best wishes, Wendy, Advocate.

    2. I'm given eyes drops to use for 2-4 days, told not to rub my eye or get water in it for the first day.

      1. thank you for this information. I would be interested to know if the drops are antibiotics or simply moisturising drops. Wendy, Advocate.

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