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Adapting to Changes in Vision

How do you find yourself adapting to new changes in your vision? Are you someone who likes routine? How do you find a new routine when the time comes to having to make change in your daily life?

  1. I'm trying to adapt proactively. I don't really need to change much at the moment except for having better lighting and a magnifying glass available. But I want to keep on top of the technology that will help me in the future, so I try out anything on my phone or laptop that seems useful for my sight. Wendy, Advocate.

    1. Ugh, another four weeks of lockdown. So sorry to hear that. Enjoy your Audible, any kind of escape helps. Take care. Debbie

    2. Thanks Debbie. There's no guarantee we can escape even at the end of August! Just had my second vaccination but we still have to stay within 5 km of home.

  2. I have always been a person that thrives on change. That has served me well since being diagnosed with Macular Degeneration and ChronicDryEye. I have made many changes to accommodate my worsening vision. Especially find my iPhone and iPad helpful. They allow me to enlarge text and change background color to make reading easier. Sharon Moore Advocate

    1. most helpful to me is the magnifier app on my iPhone. It is lighted and the magnification and lighting are adjustable. The accessibility settings allow me to change dark mode and enlarge text, both helpful to me. Sharon Moore advocate

    2. I'm so happy to hear that this is working well for you! I'm sure this tip will be helpful to someone else in our community. Warm regards, Abby ( Team Member).

  3. I like routine this eye decease scares me

    1. I agree, , I think I like routine as it’s comfortable. Things like updates on my phone, or major changes throw me out of my comfort zone. But I’ve studied enough about macular degeneration that I understand what may happen, as opposed to what is not likely to happen. Knowing my chances, and knowing that I’m doing all I can to preserve the sight I do have, has helped to reduce some of that stress. I hope we can help you reduce some of that fear. Cora Lyn, Team Member

  4. Thank you for answering . I am 82 I realize it's possible I might retain my sight for the rest of my life. My right eye is wet. Left eye is dry. I have lost a lot of sight in right eye. It could be a lot worse . I will let Jesus and God his father take care of me .Cora lyn

    1. thank you for sharing the situation with your eyes. Are you having injections in your wet eye? Wendy, Advocate.

    2. my Dad has retained his sight to 96 with wet in both eyes. I wish you all the best with your sight for many years to come. Wendy, Advocate.

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