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Does anyone's vision change from day to day?

For instance, I can see some today and tomorrow hardly anything.

  1. Yes, I have what I call good eye days and bad eye days. I am unsure if it is my AMD disease, stress, being tired, diet or what? It’s subtle but it happens with me.

    1. I, too, have wondered about the vision difference I have from one day to next. Is it changes in brightness (sunny vs. cloudy) or is this just a part of AMD?

      1. Yes, mine does. In fact I can sometimes see better in the morning and other times I can see better later on in the day. It's very irritating.


    2. I do experience day to day differences in my vision. In addition to dry AMD I also have dry eyes so I am of sure if one of both conditions is responsible. The weather makes a huge difference in how well I see.

      1. Hi , thank you for helping out by sharing your experience! How interesting to hear that the weather makes a huge difference in your visual ability - I haven't actually heard that before! What kind of weather is best for you and what's the worst? I'm curious to learn more! - Shelby, Team Member

      2. Bright sunshine days are best for me. Overcast or foggy days are bad. It becomes difficult for me to see light color vehicles before I am close to them. I have polarized sunglasses that help when driving.

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