My Story and My Way Forward - Stay Positive and Help Others, Too

I'm 65 yrs of age and live near Mansfield in England. I was diagnosed about 6 months ago after having had a cataract operation. Luckily a very observant practice nurse spotted a shadow on my retina and put in place the investigation procedure, so I had the dye injections and images taken of both eyes which revealed that I have early-stage wet macular.

I guess I'm one of the lucky ones

Because they spotted it early, I now see the consultant every couple of months. My condition is stable, and I just have one small blurry patch that has stayed stable. I can still drive luckily, and the consultant says that he will try and keep me able to drive for as long as it is safely possible. No injections yet – so I guess I am one of the lucky ones.

Helping others

I have stayed very positive about things and have become a volunteer at the eye clinic with a local organization called Sight Support Derbyshire. I work as an advocate for people who have received the diagnosis of severe vision impairment. I help them to register with social services and the local authority, then to make sure that they get the help and support that they will need. I often use the following phrases to clients:

  • “You are still you and worth exactly the same in life as before the condition developed.”
  • "You can still do 99% of what you did before BUT somethings you may do differently.”

Positivity is key

The big key is keeping people positive and moving forward.

I like the idea of this forum and will not hesitate to include details in the useful info that I give to clients.

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