The Importance of Staying Positive with AMD

I was asked how I stayed positive. Staying positive and using positive insight on a daily basis is important even on good days. When something happens to disrupt your normal, you make a new normal. I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason and that you can find something positive in every situation if you try. If nothing else the distraction of trying helps you calm down. Looking for positive daily insights every morning helps. Build them up to remember on the bad days. Remembering the blessings in your life is imperative. Remembering that there are others that don't have the opportunities to improve or stabilize the situation also helps. Most of us have that opportunity. We just forget it sometimes.

Brushed off as unimportant

I admit, I forgot these things when I went from dry to wet in the right eye. I had been diagnosed with dry in both eyes several years ago but it was brushed off as unimportant and normal with aging. The small cataract was also brushed off. I was studying for a psychology degree and didn't do my usual research for these things. I was doing so much research already that I didn't take the time. After all, it was unimportant.

About 3 years ago I got up unable to clear my vision in my right eye. I have migraines so I gave it a day or so before panicking. It was just getting worse. I was diagnosed with wet in the right eye, still dry in the left. I am 66 years old now, live alone except a nearly blind and deaf Llasha Apso, and spend a lot of time helping neighbors in need. Going blind wasn't an option. I even worried about what to do about the dog. Both of us blind and her deaf didn't seem like a good situation.

I needed knowledge and a plan

I decided I needed a plan but first I needed knowledge. I did my research, started my vitamins, more veggies and greens, and looked for a support group. The Retinologist started monthly injections and scans. It took 1 1/2 years to show improvement on scans and a little with my sight. The injections were changed to 8 weeks. The fluid immediately started again, sight demolished, is now 20/200 from a previous reading of 20/60. I am back at 6 week intervals and the big blob in the middle of my sight is getting bigger. I can still drive during the day and still help neighbors tho not as much. The dog thinks I am the only one that can care for her. She is old and not many years left so she has to stay.

Reassessing my lifestyle

So where is the positive? I don't know but I have had to reassess my lifestyle to a calmer, healthier one. I realize that I was on a downhill slide at the rate I was going and not taking care of me. I'm in the process of downsizing to make more room to get around safely. I can't stop myself from getting too involved so my eyesight forced me to. I'm still looking but I know the reason is there. Sometimes we get wrapped up helping others and forget ourselves. This has forced me to remember, (and make them remember), that I need care too.

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