My Macular Degeneration Ride

Last updated: October 2022

About 8 or 9 years ago I was diagnosed with dry macular in my left eye and a few years later it became wet and I began getting injections off and on. A couple of years later, my right eye became involved - dry. A little later it was wet. Injections were off and on.

Increasing injections

A couple of years later there was an increase in getting injections – they were almost every 4- 6 months, it was almost every time I saw the retina specialist. Six months ago I lost the central vision in the left eye. Now I have injections every 4 months in the right eye.

Great sorrow

Now that I have just the right eye (also have cataracts in that eye, and my vision is worse) my doctor says it would be too risky to get the cataracts removed, so I have not looked into it. I have had times of great sorrow because of my lack of vision and am very concerned.

Looking forward to hearing from others

I have been a member here, but the article by the fellow that had lost vision in one eye, and was considering a patch on it caught my attention. My eye seems to pull on the vision in my good eye and often makes me queasy. I would like to be more involved. I still drive but have to be very careful. I look forward to hearing from others.

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