Loss of Central Vision

Last updated: April 2021

On my first visit to the eye hospital, I was diagnosed with dry AMD in my left eye and wet in the right. I had no knowledge of AMD. I asked the optometrist if I was likely to go blind. "Oh no, this is as bad as it gets." Why I was told that I don't know because my next visit 6 weeks later the dry had become wet, and I have been having needles in my eyes ever since.

Lost my central vision in the left eye

Despite nearly 3 years of treatment with Eylea injections, I have lost the battle with my left eye. Central vision is a large black area and the injections have been stopped. They are continuing with the injections to my right eye at 6-week intervals and at the moment there appears to be some stabilization.

Central vision restoration

On my last visit to the hospital, I asked if there was any research into the restoration of central vision. The doctor I spoke to told me there had been some suggestions that research was ongoing but he didn't have details. Does anybody have that information? If my right eye follows I will obviously have a big problem.

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