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Anyone else have issues with high amounts of zinc?

After taking 80 grams of zinc (far above the recommended daily amount) for the last 8 years for MD, I asked my RS if there was an alternative with less zinc without losing the vision benefits. He wasn’t aware of any and suggested I cut the daily PreserVision dosage in half to see if that helped the GI issues.

I’m reluctant to decrease the vision benefits for the GI so I am still taking the recommended dosage. Anyone else have this issue? What did you do when the high amount of zinc became an issue? Linda Hoopes, Advocate

  1. Hi, Linda. There are a number of well known brands which make the AREDS 2 formula with 25 mg of zinc, which was shown in the research to work as well as 80 mg. If you want zero zinc, as I need to, you can take each ingredient separately. I’m surprised your RS didn’t mention these. Cora Lyn, Team Member

    1. Thanks for the information on the lower zinc option for the AREdS 2 vitamins. While I haven’t had a problem with zinc, I don’t like taking high doses of any supplements if I have an alternative.
      Sharon Moore Advocate

      1. Thanks for the feedback, Cora! I actually called & left a message for my RS & his assistant called back so it was a little disjointed. I decided to do some research myself & have learned a lot. I think I’ll try reducing Zinc from 80 to 24 & see if that helps. I’m ready to try another Areds 2 brand - with less Zinc. It’s been an education! Linda HOOPES 💜

        1. What I learned is that I wasn’t associating my GI issues with Preser Vision until I read several comments in our community which made me wonder if it might help by reducing the zinc. I love how we learn to be our own advocates at this site💜Linda Hoopes

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