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What would you love to do but think you can’t because of AMD?

Are there things that you used to love, but feel like you can't do anymore because of AMD? Have you found ways to work around these challenges? Share your thoughts (and pictures)!

  1. I would love to be able to drive to Indiana and visit my daughter and grandchildren. I am still legal to drive but I’m not safe driving in city traffic. Unfortunately to get to Indiana from Oklahoma it involves lots of traffic. If I were rich I would be thinking about buying a self driving car. Sharon Moore Advocate

    1. Indiana is a hard state to drive in! Do your grandkids come visit sometimes? Sonia, Team Member

    2. I went four years without seeing them but they came for a week this year. We FaceTime but it’s not quite the same. Sharon Moore Advocate

  2. Attending sports events when my grandchildren play is hard when it means driving home in the dark. I still drive but not at night. However, I take full advantage of daylight savings time in the summer for visits that are more challenging to schedule during the shorter, winter months. Linda Hoopes, Advocate

    1. long summer days are wonderful for making road trips more enjoyable because you can see more of the scenery. I’m glad you’re able to make the drive to see your grandkids! Sonia, Team Member

  3. drive

    1. I'm sorry to hear that you can't drive any more. That certainly gives you another challenge. Do you have family or friends to help when needed? Wendy, Advocate.

  4. Yes, I don't drive anymore and have sold my car. Things are just to blurry and I don't want to hurt anyone. My daughters do all the driving now for me.

    1. it can be difficult giving up the independence that goes with driving, but staying safe and keeping others safe is so important. Have you found other activities that you enjoy?

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