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What Kind of Glasses Do You Find Helpful?

Please share favorite glasses that have worked for you through your AMD journey. This can be different brands, different styles, different colors, etc.

  1. I wear transition prescription lenses but I add Cocoon fit over sunglasses in a copper tint when I am outdoors. They wrap around providing much more protection from the sun. The main reason that I like them is that the polarized lens makes me see more clearly. They improve the contrast. I never drive without them. Even at night,I wear their night vision glasses. They are a bit pricey but are available in many sizes to fit over any glasses. You can buy cheaper ones on Amazon that work fairly well. They don’t offer sizing to fit my narrow face. Sharon Moore team member

    1. do you have a picture of the Cocoon glasses. Not sure what they look like.

    2. Sharon I know what they look. Amazon had them thank you

  2. I also wear the cocoon sunglasses over my prescription glasses in the car since my transition lens don’t get darker inside the car. I bought the cheaper version on Amazon and am happy with them but they come in one size only. They fit over my glasses fine so no problem! Linda Hoopes, Advocate

    1. Amazing!! Thanks you so much for sharing Linda. Amazon has everything these days! All my best, Abby (Moderator).

  3. Linda the size selection is what sold me on the Cocoon sunglasses as I have a narrow face. FYI you can get the transition lenses that darken in the car. I was able to get them at the Walmart vision center. Here is a link if interested

    Sharon Moore advocate

    1. Thanks, Sharon - My glasses are so old & saw no need to update them since they can’t improve my vision with a new prescription but did not know they now have transition lenses that will darken inside a car.

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