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Wet AMD Injections

I've just been told I need injections to treat wet AMD, to be honest this is making me feel sick, can anyone with experience of having injections offer me any comfort please

  1. this is not an easy time for you, but you will find this story by one of our Patient Leaders useful. It is about his first injection experience. Proper numbing and thorough rinsing after the shot seem to be the key. I'll post you some further links about those a little later. Best wishes, Wendy, Patient Leader.

    1. Thank You

    2. you are welcome. Many people have little or no trouble at all. I hope you're one of them. Please let us know how you go in due course. Best wishes, Wendy, Patient Leader.

  2. I had my first injection last month. I was worried but the doctor and support staff were wonderful. They explained each step of the process. My doctor came in with the injection and said “don’t worry I’ve got you”. I never felt the injection. When the numbing wore off I had a couple of hours of a gritty burning sensation. Once I got home and put my nighttime gel drops in all discomfort ended. These injections are saving vision. These tips from the community might be helpful to you. Warmly, Sharon Moore patient leader

    1. Thank you very much for your help

      1. What night time drops do you use afterwards? Never heard of that. I’m told not to rub eye or get water in it?

        1. what drops to use after an injection is a great question for your retinal specialist. The recommended drops vary with the doctors. I was handed 2 small single use drops to use. I was told I could recap after each use and use them until empty. I used my GenTeal nighttime gel when I got home. It worked great. Having said that I plan to ask questions when I get my next injection. Some community members report they are told to only use preservative free drops. I want to make sure I don’t use something that might lead to an eye infection. Warmly, Sharon Moore patient leader

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