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Wet AMD Diagnosis & Injection Complication

After going to the opthamologist, I was diagnosed with wet A M D---he injected me with Beovu causing central retinal artery occlusion (the blockage of blood to the retina) and other serious eye injuries after taking it, resulting in permanent vision lost in my left eye. Novartis said that they were not responsible because they put a warning label. I was never told about any warning or there was 10 other drugs that could be used that were not dangerous-the American Opthalmology Society and the American Society Retina Specialists both recommended that Beovu be taken off the market before I was injected but it wasn't.

  1. I am so sorry you suffered permanent vision loss from the injection with Beovu. That is an outcome no one expects. Shouldn’t your retinal specialist have been aware of the potential side effects and informed you? Some insurance companies require them to start with the oldest, and usually less expensive, medication. Is your other eye dry? Thanks foe sharing, Sharon Moore advocate

    1. my right eye is ok---but Novartis that makes Beovu clams that they put a warning on the bottle so they are not responsible so i cant collect damages my lawyer says--my doctor never informed me of anything or that their was 10 other drugs that do the same thing that has been on the market for years-look Beovu up on internet---please warn other people about this---a new doctor says my left eye will never recover

      1. I was aware of the potential side effects of Beovu but only because I am a community advocate on the macular degeneration website. I appreciate you sharing your experience as a warning to others. I have learned to be my own advocate in health question. Ask lots of questions. Our doctors should not be upset over our questions. Best wishes, Sharon Moore advocate

      2. thank you for sharing your experience with Beovu. I'm so sorry this happened to you. Unfortunately I don't know of any support groups, but perhaps some groups will form in the near future. You have our best wishes moving forward. Wendy, Advocate.

    2. oh my goodness I’m so sorry for what you are going through. I guess I’m one of those that just take for granted that what the dr in injecting is not dangerous. I have read about all the new drugs and have asked my dr several times if we could try one of the new ones. He said that what I’m using is working just fine without any side effects and he didn’t see any reason to change it.

      I was upset with him for not even trying, but after reading this, I guess I’m thankful he’s being cautious. I really had no idea that these drugs could have such dramatic consequences. I think I’d go for the law suit. Good luck!

      1. i tried with several lawyers but novartis said they put a black box warning so they cant be sued==i never saw the drug-the doctor just came out and injected it and the next day i was blind---it was all over the internet how dangerous this drug is--i ask him how could do it and he said that if i didnt like it to get another doctor--which i did who told me it is permanent--do you know of any support groups for this

      2. I am appalled at your doctors attitude. I am glad you found another doctor. I am not aware of any support groups specifically but you might check with your state agency for the blind. Best wishes, Sharon Moore advocate

    3. Thank God I read this next week is my 10 th injection and was going to ask him to try this this injection I’m so glad I read your experience

      1. The sharing of experiences with other in the macular degeneration is just one of the things I love about macular Is the current medication working to slow the progression? Best wishes, Sharon Moore advocate

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