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Visisheild Supposedly Reverses AMD?

Hi I watched a video for VISISHEILD, anyone heard of it it's all over the internet with positive reviews, when I checked to see if it was a scam, I watched a video where an American, can't remember his name not even sure if he gave it, said he reversed his AMD with the aid of Visisheild, sounds too good to be true and probably is, anyway I watched it nearly till the end he was bumping on about miracles and such, so I started to lose interest, then went and looked it up.

If it's so good then why isn't it all over YouTube, I can't find anywhere where it says it's a scam, but I do have my suspicions, I have e mailed the company to see if they back up the claims of the video, so we'll see what they say.

Anyone heard of it, if it is a scam or it doesn't work it disappoints me that these people can pray on desperate people, and I just find it despicable.

  1. thank you for your question. I haven't heard of this, but I'll have a look at it online. As you probably know, what we look for is verifiable, scientific information obtained from appropriately conducted scientific trials. Wendy, Advocate.

    1. Hi thanks for the reply, it is all natural, and I think all ingredients has scientific studies, it is something to do with the zebra fish, seemingly it can repair regenerate it cells, and every ingredient in Visisheild is what the zebra fish eats.

      1. as promised, I did some online research on this product. There certainly is a lot to read, but when I looked carefully, nearly everything I found appeared to be sponsored or paid-for advertising, even if it looked like a newspaper article. There was usually a link to buy the supplements from the article. I'm not a professional researcher, but I couldn't find any clinical trials or science-based evidence about these supplements. Some of the ingredients are known to be good for the eyes, such as Lutein and Zeaxanthin, but I couldn't find how many mg of each were in the supplements. The only supplements I am aware of that have been through properly conducted clinical trials are those that conform to the AREDS formulation. There is, however, a lot of legitimate very early research being done on zebra fish which is interesting to read. Best wishes, Wendy, Advocate.

    2. Often I see these miracle cures on the internet, and there are plenty of them out there for anything that ails you. I too want a miracle cure. I do however have to wonder right away what is wrong with my medical group and my doctor for not offering this to me or suggesting I try it out. I mean to say if there are discovered legitimate medical cures why is it such a secret to the medical profession in my area. Why isn't the CDC letting me know about this, why is it not talked about in the medical trials. One nutrient may be tested and good, however it does not mean to me I can combine every other nutrient with that one for success. I am pretty sure my metabolism, body make up and the Zebra fish are not the same, so a bit skeptical on this one. I am just saying...

      1. I understand your skepticism about the so-called "miracle cures". I had a look before at the one you mentioned relating to zebra fish, and as I said, I personally couldn't find any scientific evidence at all for those supplements. My specialist has not mentioned any different treatment for me since the first day I was diagnosed: appropriate diet, exercise, sunglasses, not smoking, AREDS2 supplements and using the Amsler Grid are the main ones. I hope the reason that she hasn't recommended anything else, is that nothing else has proven to be useful yet. Best wishes, Wendy

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