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The Anxiety of Injections

I am someone that has pain even when numbing agents are used prior to an Avastin injection. I have severe pain if no numbing agent is used. I have seen several top specialists, they all lie about the pain of these injections, they all were in a hurry to get it done so they could move on to the next one. I hate the injections, I start losing sleep days before my next appointment. It is torture.
Has anyone here experienced anything better? With all the money being generated by injectables why is it no one is focused on making this horror show better for patients? The last time I had an injection a stranger in the waiting room stopped me and asked about my experience while telling me she had to take Xanax to be there at all. I know I am not alone in hating the injections. I do not understand why no one has made this better for patients.

  1. I do not like the shots at all. I get anxious and lose sleep the day before. I have experienced pain, however usually just an unpleasant pressure, I am generally uncomfortable for about 24 hours after the shot, only twice was my painful afterwards.

    My doctor is quite compassionate and does his best to make me comfortable, we talk, and he is very gentle during the procedure. When he was out of the office for several months I saw two other specialists, both very caring and both did there best to make me and the whole process more comfortable. It is just not an ideal situation.

    I have been told by the doctors some folks sail through with no pain and no anxiety, while others do not. I know when we are anxious we feel more uncomfortable and more pain.

    I do a lot of deep breathing the day before and day of procedure to calm myself

    I say all this really to say I think they are doing the best they can to make it work for the patient. I have not had anyone lie to me. Some patients feel it more than others, some of us have more anxiety than others . I am not sure what could be done to make it better, maybe talking to the doctor or moving to another clinic if you can, Let them know how you are feeling and how this is affecting you.

    1. I am sorry you are experiencing so much anxiety and pain with the injections. My sister has the same difficulty but finally found a compassionate doctor that works hard to make it less uncomfortable. I hope you can find a clinic and doctor to make your injections less painful. Warm wishes, Sharon Moore patient leader

    2. Dealing with this diseases is just plain tough. We all get points for simply showing up for those injections.
      Just read an article that says there's a biological mechanism that controls how we react to a memory of an event. We may have little control over it. That makes me feel better and feel more compassion for people who have major anxiety associated with the injections.
      Perhaps that will let those who do have that anxiety can have compassion for themselves.
      I think In eed to tough things out. Uh, not necessarily. Two plus years into my journey, I have allowed myself to chill the day of the injection. Ice pack and a nap afterwards preceded by soothing music.
      Take care and keep in touch. Beverly Dame, Advocate

  2. I used to have terrible pain with injections-by changing retinal specialists and finding one with the magic touch there is no more pain. Please let me know if I can help

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