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Easier Reading Tip

My building put in new washing machines. The instructions are in small print at an awkward height. I took photos of the instructions, so I can enlarge them and read them comfortably.

  1. That is exactly what I do when I cannot read instructions. I also have a lighted magnifier on my smart phone that comes in handy. Thanks for sharing your tip, Sharon Moore advocate

    1. I just got a new tv and the instructions were extremely small. I did the same thing. It made reading them so much easier. Best wishes, Wendy, Advocate.

      1. I have MD and glaucoma. I cannot see to read much, words are not clear. Have had many exams and glasses, nothing helps. I take OTC drops. Any recommendations.

        1. It Must be especially difficult to have two serious eye conditions. I deal with blurry vision from AMD and chronic dry eyes. Since there is no treatment for dry macular degeneration, I cope the best I can. I love to read and with my 11” IPad I can still enjoy reading. I am able to enlarge the text and improve contrast. Some have visited low vision clinics where they have various aides to make life easier. Warm wishes, Sharon Moore patient leader

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