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Eyelea problems?

I am 46 and was diagnosed with wet AMD 3/19. I began Lucentis injections and had them every 4 weeks for a year. Although there was not much improvement in the fluid, I had no vision problems: no distortion, no worsening, no changes on the Amsler grid. In 3/20, my doctor switched me to Eyelea. Later in March, I noticed slight distortion. I've had 3 Eyelea injections since March, and the swelling has improved dramatically, but the distortion and vision loss has increased. My doctor (and 2 others) cannot explain why the swelling is almost gone, but vision is now poor. Has anyone experienced anything like this?

  1. Hi , thank you so much for reaching out to the community and letting us know what you've been going through. I can't believe you've been to 3 different doctors and haven't received any clear answers as to why the swelling has improved by the visual symptoms have worsened dramatically - that must be so frustrating! I hope others will chime in and share their Eylea experiences with you. Also tagging @richard, one of our advocates, as I know he's had both Lucentis and Eylea injections and may have additional insight he can share with you.

    This community is here for you and hoping you get some helpful answers soon.

    Thinking of you!
    Shelby Team Member

    1. Flower, I'm sorry you're experiencing this issue. I'm coming up on 70 injections in the past 8 years and my vision in the wet eye has varied from 20/70 to 20/50 back and forth. There are 4 anti-VEGF drugs FDA approved. They are: Avastin, Lucentis, Eylea and now Beovu. I've had all 4. And guess what?! My vision in that eye is testing 20/30!!! The Beovu has really helped me! I suggest you ask 2 things: 1. Can you go back to Lucentis, which was working? and 2. Can they try Beovu on you. Don't worry too much, a good RS can go back to what works and should be eager to do this for you. My RS told me he was considering going back to Lucentis for me but then Beovu came out and my eye responded to it. So, bottom line: as long as you're not bleeding or leaking that's good! You're down to finding the right drug to use as a ”weapon” against this disease. Find an RS (even your current one) that ”hears” you and is agreeable to a new strategy. Lastly, insurance companies approve ”a series” of injections with a certain drug (usually 3 to 4), and it may be that your RS needs to finish this series or course of therapy before getting authorization for a switch to another drug. Keep us posted and let us know what you need! Wishing you well! Richard- team member.

      1. Hi, I'm newly diagnosed with AND & my DR. has given me 1 shot of LUCENTIS in each eye. I go back for another shot in my right eye on 9-11. Then, a week later I get a shot in the left eye. She doesn't like to do both eyes the same day. Hoping the shots help. Very discouraged, because I don't feel I should be driving right now.

    2. Not yet anyway. Just new!y diagnosed with A M. D & have only had 1 shot of Lucentis in each ege. Go back on 9-11 for 2nd shot in right eye. A week later get another shot in left eye. Wet A. M. D. in both eyes Will post again after shots this week. Good Luck to You

      1. Hi, Thanks for asking. Yes, I have a driver. My husband has been real accommodating since my diagnosis. I really hate the idea of not being able to drive. I'm really enjoying this website! Thanks for having it.

      2. I know many in our community share those same feelings of dread and fear, . You're far from being alone here. So glad you've found camaraderie and support here. We'll be thinking of you on Friday and hope you'll let us know how the injection goes. Wishing a very smooth visit and successful results!

        - Shelby, Team Member

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