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Has anyone experienced slight swelling in their dry AMD eye without the eye going to wet AMD?

Yesterday, 2/17/21, my Retinologist saw a slight swelling in my dry AMD right eye. Has anyone had that experience without the eye going to wet AMD?

My left eye has a macular scar due to not getting in "soon enough". The doctor told me to watch for any blank or dark spots with that eye on the grid or anything else out-of-the-ordinary. Since it's currently my "good eye", I want to be very vigilant so I don't miss the "window of soon enough!" I do have another appointment in 8 weeks unless I need to see her sooner.

If someone has something definite that they have experienced with an eye suddenly going from dry to wet, I'd like to know what happened in their case. Just trying to be proactive here!

  1. While waiting for someone to answer, I thought I'd chime in with my experience. I never knew I had AMD at all until my optometrist spotted a suspicious area in my scan. He referred me to an RS and I was diagnosed wet in one eye and dry in the other. This was 9 years ago. I've had over 80 injections in my wet eye. To get to my point and to answer your question: I don’t know anyone that had dry and it went to wet? Everyone I know was like me. Maybe others can share their experiences? Best, Richard- Advocate

    1. Thanks, Richard. The info from the Mayo Clinic shares the following: "Wet macular degeneration is one of two types of age-related macular degeneration. The other type--dry macular degeneration--is more common and less severe. The wet type always begins as the dry type." Related to the swelling in my right eye that my Retinologist saw at my last appointment, I wondered whether it could be something related to the advancement of dry macular degeneration in that eye, rather than a sign of it going to wet AMD?

    2. . I was diagnosed with dry AMD in one eye, wet in the other 13 years ago. Maintained with regular checkups and AREDS2 for 5-6 years. Then the wet one went needed attention in 2013, so have had regular shots of Avastin ever since. Now other eye has developed into wet. Had a shot the same day to try and mitigate the damage. Such is the life!

  2. . This last time I mostly noticed that my vision was dimmer and more wavy. It was a bit scary driving when it was cloudy. More so than usual. The regular OCT left some questions about the eye, so I had a dye test the same day, which gave us the diagnosis. Does that help?

    1. I think the dye test you mention is called a fluorescein angiography test. My father had one years ago when he was being diagnosed with wet macular degeneration. Wendy, Advocate.

  3. thank you for sharing this information with . Wendy, Advocate.

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