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Sunglasses and Depth Perception

Since I was diagnosed over a year ago, my eyes have gone down hill fast. I know we are supposed to wear sunglasses all the time. However, I have a hard time seeing with sunglasses when going from sun to shade. I have dark one, light ones and clear ones. My Doctor said the clear aren't good because then I can get cataracts. If it's not too bright out I notice I wear them less than I did before. Putting them on, taking them off when working in the yard is a pain. What do you do?

  1. , I have the same problem. I usually wear light ones, but always have a second dark pair with me for when there is a large open area on bright days. I don’t always remember to switch though. It is a hassle, but it’s worth it. My last prescription glasses were photochromic, where they darken with the light, which worked quite well. But they don’t protect from the top and sides like sunglasses. Hopefully others will chime in with their solutions, Cora Lyn, Team Member

    1. I thought the ones that change wouldn't change fast enough. But you found that they do?

      1. I wear the fit over sunglasses made by Cocoon brand. They fit right over my prescription lens and I can take them off when going indoors. My transition prescription glasses turned dark but they stay that way so long it’s a real issue when I come back indoors. I hope you find some that work well for you, Sharon Moore Advocate

    2. Yes Sharon. I was at the optometrist today for the same reason. I need clear lense & separate sunglasses or clip ons. I have worn transitions for quite a long time Now with md I find them very frustrating In stores the bright lights keep the dark lense working & it’s difficult to read items in the store. I wouldn’t recommend transitions for people with MD Maybe others have a different experience but that’s been mine

      1. I agree completely. I currently have transitions but will be changing to clear lands very soon. It’s especially difficult coming in from the bright sunshine. It takes too long for the glasses to clear up. If you decide to try the ones that fit over your prescription glasses you can find them in every price range. Amazon offers a variety for around $20 a pair. The cocoon brand I have cost much more but comes with a lifetime warranty and several sizes to fit your glasses. Best wishes, Sharon Moore Advocate

    3. I too have trouble wearing sunglasses. I cant see with the dark ones so I wear the light ones. My eyesight is getting worse so the sunglasses don't help to see. It's a huge hassle.

      1. , I know the frustration! I recently got new glasses without the photochromic feature. As well as new lighter coloured sunglasses. But I find I’m still taking the sunglasses off and on constantly. I wish there was a better solution - for all of us. All the best, Cora Lyn, Team Member

      2. I bought the Cocoon futover polarized sunglasses in copper. It was recommended by their sales team since I have AMD. The polarized lenses provide clarity AMD improve contrast which helps me immensely. I have some with yellow lens for nighttime or rain/foggy conditions. Sharon, patient leader

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